Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marathon tid-bits and facts

its winding down... days left... lets count Today - 1, Saturday - 2 ... Then the BIG DAY!

2 DAYS PEOPLE! holy cow! Since my last 2 days will be consisting of marathon everything whether its eating habits and foods, clothes, articles read, movies seen, thoughts in my mind, everything I talk about, events that I go to, shopping and stores.. marathon, marathon, marathon!

While browsing the internet, once again today veering toward marathon-related anything, I stumble across an article on MSNBC about 5 tips for marathon runners... READ IT--its good info for my cheering squad! its a really old article, but it definitely gives good advice


check out this article in The New York Times... great advice, and quotes 2 of my TFK coaches!!


Did you know!!?? Dunkin donuts has a Marathon Donut? well go figure... "America Runs on Dunkin" how funny is that!!

This years marathon is the 40th Anniversary of the New York City marathon.

The first marathon was in central park in 1970 and consisted of 127 runners of which only 55 finished.

This year, an expected 42,000 runners are participating with an approximate 5 million spectators throughout the 5 boros.

Its supposedly the biggest sporting event in the world!

Check out Raul's article in The Daily News... So great to have his accomplishments quoted, he deserves it! Hey Papo - all you know how to do is drink Patron!?!?


2 days!!! Ill see you all out there, right!!!??

Monday, October 26, 2009

Official BIB # 39615

Check it out folks! my Race day BIB # is 39615
General Start # 2 - start time 10:00 am

Since the majority of you can not be here to cheer me on, I wanted to give you some logistics for race day. Below is my projected marathon pace and finish

Please follow me through this journey, you can track me using the following alerts:

Athlete alert provided by Time Warner Cable. Follow the link below:

The other option is Athlete Race Tracker, which is a website that is only available on race day, while the race is in progress. You don’t have to sign up for it. go to : http://www.ingnycmarathon.org/

For my Cheer Squad, I have a few rules for you:
1) I need to see you more than once
2) Give me lots of words of encouragement - even if I look like I want to stop
3) I want to see posters and signs
4) Water/Gatorade and or PowerGels are welcomed!
5) You must come meet me at the finish
... and last but not least
6) Have fun! Enjoy this day as much as I am!!

and 7) have a drink for me during the parties!!!
So from all the hoopla I hear about marathon day, these are the recommendations given for good Spectator locations:
Manhattan, East Side, First Avenue: First Avenue might be the craziest, most crowded place to watch the race -- the sidewalks can be packed more than eight people deep. The runners are 16 miles into their race at this point and appreciate the roar of the crowd as they come off the Queensboro Bridge. (At First Avenue and 59th Street, Food Emporium will be sampling food and beverages from Emerald Nuts, New York Apple, and Poland Spring, while Clear Channel Radio will have a DJ playing tunes. At 96th Street, you can be part of the T-Mobile Thumbathon and race against other "thumbs" to see who texts the fastest for a chance to win a Blackberry. At 119th Street and First Avenue, BP will set up an Invigorate Station with giveaways and photo opportunities.)

First Avenue is one of the best places to see runners twice: You can see them run up First Avenue, then walk west and see the runners on Central Park South or, if you're farther north, on Fifth Avenue above 90th Street. Harlem: On race day, the sidewalks on Fifth Avenue between 135th Street and 110th Street are filled with people coming from church, going to brunch, and cheering for runners. Some gospel bands play live on the course (look at 135th, 125, and 117 streets). Marcus Garvey Park, between 120th and 124th Streets, is a leafy respite with bleachers set up for spectators.Manhattan, East Side, Fifth Avenue: Emerald Nuts, a marathon sponsor, is marking Mile 21.2 with a sampling and interactive photo opportunity for spectators. The runners stay on Fifth Avenue and run along Central Park until 90th Street, where they turn in.
Central Park: Central Park is an ideal place to watch the race; just be aware that moving around the park can be difficult on race day. Good spots include: Park Drive between 90th and 86th Streets; Park Drive below 72nd is often more crowded. You can cross the park on either the 85th Street or 65th Street transverse roads. You cannot cross Park Drive, but you can go under it: Try the arches at 80th Street, 73rd Street, 67th Street, and 62nd Street.
Central Park South: This part of the course can be crowded; spectators might find it easier to access the south side of the street than the north side. Look for Continental Airline's entertainment zone at Columbus Circle, where the course turns into the park for the final time. Street teams will also be handing out Emerald Nuts on Central Park South.

There are a few strategies you can attack to see me more than once. So, see below my pretty pictures of the Subways along the marathon route and some strategies.
Strategy # 1 :
- Take the R Train to any stop in Brooklyn along 4th Avenue (station #'s 3 - 11):
- 77th Street - 45th Street - Prospect Ave.
- Bay Ridge Ave - 36th Street - 4th Ave/9th Street
- 59th Street - 25th Street - Pacific Street
This allows you to view the runners between miles 3 and 8, but note that until mile 8, runners wearing orange
bibs will be on the left side of the road and all others on the right side.
- Take the R Train back into Manhattan to station #22 (Lexington Ave/59th Street)
- Walk East to 1st Avenue and view the runners between miles 16 and 17
- Walk West to Central Park to see runners complete mile 25

Strategy # 2:
- Take the R Train to any stop in Brooklyn along 4th Avenue (station #'s 3 - 11):
- 77th Street - 45th Street - Prospect Ave.
- Bay Ridge Ave - 36th Street - 4th Ave/9th Street
- 59th Street - 25th Street - Pacific Street
This allows you to view the runners between miles 3 and 8, but note that until mile 8, runners wearing orange
bibs will be on the left side of the road and all others on the right side.
- Take the R Train back into Manhattan to station #22 (Lexington Ave/59th Street) and transfer to the 6 Uptown
train to stations #26-28 (96th, 103rd, or 110th Street).
- Walk East to 1st Avenue and view the runners between miles 18 and 19
- Walk West to Central Park to see runners at around mile 23
Strategy # 3:
- Take the R Train to any stop in Brooklyn along 4th Avenue (station #'s 3 - 11):
- 77th Street - 45th Street - Prospect Ave.
- Bay Ridge Ave - 36th Street - 4th Ave/9th Street
- 59th Street - 25th Street - Pacific Street
This allows you to view the runners between miles 3 and 8, but note that until mile 8, runners wearing orange
bibs will be on the left side of the road and all others on the right side.
- Take the R Train back into Manhattan to station #40 (57th Street/7th Avenue)
- Walk North to Central Park South to see runners between miles 25 and 26

Also, Team for Kids has organized cheering zones if you want to hit those up:
Brooklyn (Just before Mile 8) – 4th Avenue at the corner of Pacific Street, 1 block from Atlantic Avenue and Flatbush Avenue. The cheering station entrance is near the N, R train on the Southeast corner, by P.C. Richard. Take the D, M, N, R to Pacific Street. Staff: Eugene Johnson. Please arrive by 10:15 am to cheer Team for Kids runners; come earlier (8:45 am) to see elite athletes race by the station. (according to my pacing sheet, I should be at this point 11:15’ish)
Queens (Just before Mile 15) – The foot of the Queensboro Bridge at Crescent Street and Queens Bridge Plaza South. Take the 7, N or W to Queensboro Plaza or the E, R, V to Queens Plaza. Staff: Lyncia Beggs. Please arrive by 10:45 am to cheer Team for Kids runners; come earlier (9:10 am) to see elite athletes race by the station. (according to my pacing sheet, I should be at this point around 12:20’ish)
Bronx (About Mile 20.5) –Graham Triangle–138th Street and 3rd Avenue. Take the 6 to 138th Street and 3rd Avenue or take the 4, 5 to 138th Street and Grand Concourse. Staff: Barton Adams. Please arrive by 11:30 am to cheer Team for Kids runners; come earlier (9:30 am) to see elite athletes race by the station. (according to my pacing sheet, I should be at this point 1:05’ish)Harlem (Mile 22) – Marcus Garvey Park (West 122nd Street and Mount Morris Park West). Take the 2, 3 to 125th Street and Malcolm X Boulevard/Lenox Avenue or take the 4, 5, 6 to 125th Street and Lexington Avenue. Staff: Nakia Alston. Please arrive by 11:30 am to cheer Team for Kids runners; come earlier (9:30 am) to see elite athletes race by the station. (according to my pacing sheet, I should be at this point around 1:20’ish)
If I stick to my guns, my competitive nature, and my goal, I should cross the GLORIOUS FINISH at Taveron the green around 2:00pm!!!
after crossing that finish, getting wrapped in my blanket and given my medal, I will be escorted over to Cherry Hill where we have a VIP TFK spot in the park. Please come celebrate with me there!! I want to see everyone who came out to support me!!!
OMG!! SO CLOSE I CAN TASTE IT!!! see you all on Sunday!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I CANT BELIEVE IT!! exactly one week from today, I will have ran 26.2 miles through all 5 Boro's of New York City! From the Verrazano Bridge, through Brooklyn, Queens, over the Queensboro Bridge, into Manhattan and down First Avenue, over the Willis Ave Bridge into the Bronx, over the Madison Ave Bridge back into Manhattan, through Harlem, down Fifth Avenue, into Central Park, through Columbus Circle and back into the Park to Tavern on the Green. Holy Cow! Instead of just some distant vision, its actually here!

Today, we had the Poland Spring Marathon Kickoff 5 mile run. It was a little fun run that kicks off Marathon week. The excitement in the air is unbelievable!! Since Marathon Sunday is the day after Halloween this year, the majority of the team decided we would have a pseudo-Halloween today in celebration of our huge dedication and ambition to finishing the race next sunday. So, the 80's were in full effect! Jem and the Holograms were out in Central Park! and, damn!! we looked good, LOL! Stephanie was Jem, Jackie, Vanessa and I were the Holograms and Carly and Ally were the Misfits.

Okay, Okay, I know your dying to know where we found all of this ridiculous stuff we are wearing right!!?? Well... we ventured it up to Washington Heights, 181st Street. and man oh man, they have some awesome food! What was meant to be a snack because little old blondie, aka, me... was starving... wound up being quite the meal all for $30 bucks!! total for the 3 of us!!! mmm.. a little culture, delish!

How can I forget... Union Square has all of the Asics Marathon advertisements posted! Jackie, my awesome roommate, remembered her camera yesterday and we took pictures of every ad in the subway station.

Every time I see those ads, I get this overwhelming excitement. I love them! Okay, Im obsessed...

I still cant believe it, if I have said it once, I've said it a hundred times... I cant believe the marathon is almost here. This week is going to fly by. Im so excited, words cant explain!!!

I have enjoyed this experience so much, Im scared for November 2nd. I dont want it to end...

Mission this week: 1) dont get sick 2) dont get sick 3) aviod injury 4)enjoy all the marathon week events 5) dont get sick 6) carbo-load... aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!! =)

I know I owe you my Bib # and race info, I promise... this week! I will have maps and everything of the course...


Blondie (since that seems to be the adopted name my TFK'ers have given me)

12 days... thats less than 2 weeks!

Time is flying folks! The days are getting shorter and the marathon is creeping up quickly and I still have so much to do to get ready for the big day! I think I might need to make a life-sized poster list of all the things I still need to do. Ahh! the excitement and the anxiety of getting ready for the big day!

Things to do still...
  • Find a pair of tights that I am 100% sure I want to run in. (returned about 5 pairs in the past month).
  • Decide what shirt I am going to wear under my racing singlet.
  • Put my name on my singlet
  • Buy gloves
  • Buy my marathon day throw away clothes. - yes I say buy because I cant part with any of my sweats!
  • Make plans for my Dad, Brother and Crew to come in and cheer me on.
  • Decide if my new shoes are broken in or if I'm going to run in my old ones...
  • 2 more physical therapy appointments
  • RSVP to after marathon events
  • RSVP for pre-marathon events
  • Pick up race day package
  • Relax
  • Sleep

Im drawing a blank now, but there are definitely a bunch of things I think of sporatically throughout the day, and in the back of my mind I say, "Oh I cant forget about that..."

Saturday we had our official last run of the season. I cant believe it! unbelievable! No more early Saturday morning runs. What am I going to do on friday nights now? No lasagna dinners? no 10pm bed time? Okay, its not over yet... I still have 2 weeks before I can worry about that. Saturday was bitter bitter cold! It was by far my worst run this year. It hurt and I couldnt get warm. I had on my warm weather running gear and the chill in my body did not go away. I pray that marathon Sunday is not that cold. What happened to fall? Oh, Fall!! PLease come back!! at least for 11/1!!! I do not like the cold. I have great confidence in completing my first marathon, but the cold is my one element that will hold me back from having a great run! My body can not relax and loosen up when it is cold so I am asking all of you to pray, pray that marathon Sunday will be a great weather day for running... upper 50's, lower 60's no rain!!!

Are you just as excited as I am!!!!???

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The mental wall is something I have been trying to avoid at all costs. Lately, I have mentioned how I have a few things that inspire me to complete this 26.2 journey. I thought it would be good to share those inspirational motivators with you fellow followers. But first, you have to understand, the inspiration comes from the people around me, the things I hear and see... so here goes; here are a few things that keep me from coming close to that wall:

Evan posted this video on his Facebook page and as soon as I watched it, I got choked up, inspired at the distance we will be traveling on foot and the sights to be seen along the way... Please watch it!

I have become obsessed with the Jay-Z song, Empire State of Mind. The lyrics are all about NYC and how this city can inspire you to do thing nobody can dream of. Something about the song is so invigorating, I cant explain it...

Lastly, Jackie pointed out the new Asics marketing campaing for the marathon. She found this in Runners mag and I cant help but read it over and over again... Breaking down each mile with a reason to keep moving forward and accomplishing something that I thought I would never accomplish..


Isnt that great??!! read-repeat

AWESOME!!! So excited!! Im overwhelmed with excited nerves, happy thoughts and anxiousness for race day....
*****Be back this week with my Bib #, Start time, and all important details for race day!!! keep posted!!!!!!


Monday, October 12, 2009

less than 3 weeks...

Since we have officially started our taper, we cut down our Saturday long run to 15 miles. This past saturday, included the last 10 miles of the marathon course. Being so close to the marathon, this run was to be at a relaxed pace and to understand the feeling of the last 10 miles and the "surprises" that lay ahead of us on the big day. We ran from Central Park, cross-town, across the Queensboro Bridge, turned around and began the last 10 miles of the course. Back over the Queensboro Bridge, down First Avenue through Harlem and up to the Willis Avenue Bridge, over the bridge and into the boogie down Bronx. WE ran down Bruckner Boulevard to the Madison Avenue Bridge, over the bridge and onto Fifth Avenue into Manhattan. Down Fifth avenue, we experienced the Hill of Doom!! the 1-mile steady uphill from 110th street to 90th street. OUCH!! If you dont know that hill is there, it will kill you!!! Luckily, I ran a good stretch with Evan (whose ran the NYC marathon) and gave us tips along the course to get us through the race with ease. He warned us of this wretched hill and said he would avise to conserve some energy because it can beat you up. Good call Evan! That was torture! From 90th street, its a steady flat or downhill course through the park to the finish...

Its incredible to think that even though we ran the last leg of the marathon, Im not really scared of the race. I am actually extremely excited and cant wait for it to finally be here. Seems like yesterday, I was running the half marathon and still was unsure whether I would be able to do the full marathon. Now, I am so happy I committed to the full!!! This has been such a journey; mentally and physically.

Over the past week, I have become in tuned with things that really motivate me. I have become obsessed with the new Asics marathon marketing campaign (thanks Madrigal for sharing it with me!!!!) I find lyrics to songs extremely inspirational and uplifting. And I cant help but talk about anything marathon related whether its our marathon day clothes, what I have been eating (yes, food refernece again), my aches and pains, what I am doing after the marathon, and what my plan of attack is from here on out.

Last piece of business - I am so happy all of you who have contributed to Team for Kids! Its been a wonderful experience learning about and raising funds for running programs for kids who dont have phys ed programs or extra curricular activities in the city. We've had the chance to see these kids hard at work and run with them which makes running with Team for Kids so great!
I am about $250.00 short of my Goal... Please help me get there. The deadline is this Friday October 16th.

ENTRY # 427200


Thursday, October 8, 2009

less than a month....

As many of you know, its really coming down to the wire now! Ill give you a round-up of my longest run thus far...

Last Saturday, I ran 21 miles. We were supposed to run 23 total, but after 21, I felt pretty confident on race day I can do the other 5 no problem so I stopped there to avoid injury. I am too close to the end of this journey to want to or need to run into any problems. The idea of Saturday's run was to simulate the feel of the crowds of the marathon and to get your body used to running hills and Central Park, since the last 6 miles of the race are through the Park. We ran 8 miles on the GORGEOUS SCENIC BRIDLE PATH and then continued up to the 72nd St Transverse and flowed right into the Half Marathon, Grete's Gallop. Yes, you heard right, 8 miles and then a Half Marathon. At this point, our pace groups are pretty divided and I have been running consistenly with the same few people. (Hopefully marathon day, we can keep eachother close by for company!!!) Running 2 loops of Central Park is HAAAAARD! It is all rolling hills and running up the West Side and down the East Side seems so much harder than taking on the steepest 2 hills Cat's hill and Harlem Hill running the opposite direction. On my 2nd loop of the Half, I lost Anisha. She is my go-to girl to run. We pace eachother pretty well so to lose my right hand girl at the hardest part of the race was tough. Thats alright, Jonathan found me at mile 11. Phew! He pushed me through the end of the race and we finished remarkably well for running 8 previous miles! I ran it in 1:55:50. Thats only a minute slower than the NYC Half I actually "raced" in August.

You know, its not so much about nerves and the doubt of being able to finish the marathon anymore, its about actually doing it. Marathon day is so close but yet still so far away. After Saturdays run, we have officially started our taper to the big day. Now I am focused on keeping in shape, eating right, having fun with the great friends I have made, and hitting my fundraising goal. Now more than ever, I am addicted to reading up on all sorts of running related articles. Whether it comes to food (I MEAN COME ON, DID YOU EXPECT ANYTHING DIFFERENT??), shoes, workout/crosstraining routines, and of course peoples experiences in running.

Check out the marathon website, its so insprational. http://www.ingnycmarathon.org/

If it wasnt for all of you following me, I dont think I would have made it this far! You all have boosted my confidence ten-fold and am excited to finally run my first marathon! I cant wait for November 1st when I cross that finish line and say, "I did it!" I hope to see you all at the finish line or along the way cheering me on! It is the day after Halloween folks, so continue the party please! I expect you all out there with drinks in hand!!! (and one waiting for me at the finish of course) =)

'Till next week...