Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Donation Link

Okay, for some reason, the link to donate for the full Marathon is not working. Please continue to donate using the Half Marathon link. This link still contributes to my goal of $3,000.

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Monday, July 27, 2009


I lived up to my word! I didn't go out all week! Wow! I feel so productive. I cleaned, I cooked, I rested, I caught up with friends I haven't talked to in weeks. Yep damn proud of myself! But slightly disappointed... Passed up Yanks tix on thursday... AND AGAIN ON FRIDAY! Oh well...

Saturday, we ran at Forest Park in Forest Hills Queens. Bright and early my alarm went off at 6:30am. OUCH! Sleepy eyed, I got dressed, brushed my teeth, washed my face, and choked down a banana.

What happened to my leisurely Saturday mornings when I would roll out of bed, brew a pot of coffee, park my butt on the sofa and chat about whatever mayhem Jackie or I got into the night before? Those are put on hold for now.. Anyways, out to Queens we go! We ran on the bridle path of the park, 4 times around. With a couple of close encounters with some horses, our run was intended to be a 12 mile course calculated out to be 10.5 mi. But Hey! I'm not complaining, that was a great run! This was the farthest I have ever ran continuously, and it felt great! My knees felt great, my quads didn't feel like they were going to pull, and my ankles didn't feel like they were going to give out. Well done Lee!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I have this inability to turn down an invitation or say no to mostly anything. Really, I do... 99% of the time, last minute invitations that come my way... IM THERE! Perfect example... I got an invite to the Yankee game at 4:45 the other day. I had every intention of going home, doing laundry, cleaning and just do the little things I keep putting off. Did I go to the game, you ask? YOU BET YOUR ASS I DID! Hot dogs? Beer? Nick Swisher's butt about 10 ft from me? Oh Yeah!

Anyways, enough about them... this is about running and my experience toward the marathon, right? So, my inability to turn down socializing and doing activites has really been challenged. I love having zero plans and then going by the fly with a million things that pop up last minute. With a marathon training schedule, I cant really do that... well... I can, but then I run myself down and crash! literally! Like saturday, after being out till 3am, I was up at 7:45 to drive home to go to my friends wedding shower. But since I try to do so much, I had piles of laundry that had not been done in 2 weeks, so I had to do laundry before the shower. PLUS I had to find the time to fit my 6 miles in too. So, by saturday night. I crashed! I crashed hard. I realized that its important that I really get rest and not push myself to the limits -physically, mentally, and socially.

My approach this week is to stick to the schedule, and balance time for my social life. Its worked so far! But... its only wednesday... Tomorrow's thursday and I got an invite to the Yankee game again... and friday... well there's always people who want a drink after a long work week. Plus, its the Summer! It cant be wasted away running...

Check back after Saturday's big run at Forest Park in Queens!!! I guess you will have to see then if that social life of mine took over my week! 11 Miles on Saturday! Lee, dont doo iiitt!!! DONT GO OUT!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Zoned out!

I always get into these zones when I workout. When I would regurlarly go to the gym, the trainers would always comment to me, "you are very serious when you workout, are you training for something?". And my first thought is usually I was just doing a lot of thinking.
My past few runs have been deep in thought. I was thinking back to the days of when I was on my highschool track team.

On Wednesay, we ran 4-350 meter sprints with a cool down lap in between each sprint on the track in central park by Harlem Hill. All I thought about was Coach Lujack and her crazy practices and how she would constantly yell "pump those arms!" I couldn't help but laugh at myself and the fact that I hoped I would never have to run sprints again! But here I was, running sprints. I forgot how hard running all out sprints were! I have to say, although we didnt run much distance, it was probably the hardest workout since I started training...

Saturday, I ran on my own. Since I was home in CT, I thought well... since I was reminiscing about my highschool days on Wednesday, why not hit the good 'ol Hamden High School track. So, I suited up, grabbed my Ipod and had a couple extra sips of water before heading out. I ran from my parents house up to the high school and onto the track. Staring at the track and the football stadium, I thought about the countless hours I used to run around this track. 4 miles around the track! drenched in sweat! and the whole time I was thinking - this is crazy! its 90 degrees out, and in November, its going to be 40 degrees! But all in all, it was good and homebound I went.

Friday, July 17, 2009

So, Im officially a runner? and a blogger?

I have officially committed myself to run the ING NYC Marathon! So, when people used to ask me, "are you a runner?" I would always say, "No, I just run to stay in shape." Since this commitment, I now consider myself a runner! And now that Im a runner, I am sharing with you my experiences in training to run the marathon - A BLOGGER!

I have decided that since I have this newly found passion for running within the past few years, I should take that passion, find a good reason to run, and join a Charity team. I am running with Team for Kids (with the help of my roommate, Jackie of course!) and have a goal of $3,000 in fundraising for the organization. Check 'em out! Its pretty cool what they support! Oh! and dont forget to sponsor my efforts and donate!

I want to share my journey with everyone, so keep checking back for some great stories, my progress, experiences and fundraising progress on this adventure to November 1st, 2009 - 26.2 miles - ING NYC Marathon!!

... and who knows... maybe this is just the beginning of a marathon career!!