Tuesday, May 25, 2010

L.A., a Boozey Brunch and the ultimate punishment

So what do you do when you clearly dont want to celebrate your birthday? Visit the friend clear across the country who would love for me to visit!

For my birthday this year, I decided to visit one of my closest friends who I have neglected to visit since she moved out to L.A. 5 years ago... A solid bonding weekend with Lily! Loved it! What better way to spend a birthday than with a friend you see once a year (maybe twice if our schedules arent conflicting) and with the one person who I know wouldnt make a huge ordeal about celebrating my bday. Thanks Lily!!! No running, just relaxing, site seeing, a little shopping, lots of eating, a comedy show and what else---CELEB SPOTTING!! My first spotting?? at Joan's. Who do you ask? Kate Bodsworth. Sitting right in front of me with a table full of girlfriends. Pretty cool! She is just as beautiful in person as she is in the movies, al-naturale. 2nd spotting?? at dinner saturday night, Hayden Panettiere was sitting right behind us at Katana. Have to say, she looks like a linebacker. short and stocky. but beautiful!

Upon my return to NY, I jumped right back into running. A week off and I was totally anxious to lace up the sneaks and hit the road. Saturday, plans for brunch were preluded by a little gym action. No run - it was raining, I melt. ha! Ohhh Brunch! Brunch at Zuccherro e Pomodori always winds up with some sort of shenanigans to follow.... and sure enough!!! Clearly, Katie didnt have enough Bloody Mary's, Maria didnt have enough Mimosas, and Jackie and I obviously didnt have enough Screwdrivers. Yes Screwdrivers. Me Screwdrivers. Clearly, a bad idea from the beginning. OJ and me dont get along. Acid reflux? Yuup! Annnnywaysss... back to the story. Boozey Brunch leads to rambunctious girls giggling and yelling down 2nd avenue with the brilliant idea to continue the day with some of Katies famous Blueberry Spritzers. Lets drink some more vodka but this time with a splash of Club Soda, oh and a couple of fresh muddled blueberries.. danger written all over it!!

Dance Party USA was in full effect... until about 7pm. well for me anyways. I was in bed by 7:30 fully clothed tv blaring, lights on. (my mental remedy to feel better! ugh) 12am--outta bed in the bathroom hugging John (visit #1) back to bed... sleep a little more. 3am-- outta bed, John got a big hug again. (visit #2 and getting sick thinking about that night, ugh) 4:30am-- oh John still hadnt received enough love. (visit #3) Back to bed toss and turning hating life and the fact that OJ and vodka is my kryptonite! Never again! 7am rolls around. Im registered for the Run for the Parks race in Central Park. I drag my sorry ass outta bed, get dressed grab the Garmin and a Gatorade and walk up to the Park. "Punishment Alicia, punishment; your running this race no matter how painful it is." You gotta work hard to play hard, right? Right. With my body aching, I drag myself to the start and run the 4 miles. With my heart pounding, legs feeling like lead, I power through it. Probably the most difficult run I have ever had. But still made it outta there in 30 minutes.

Lesson learned? SEVERAL!!! 1-Unlimited drinks does not mean too many to count at Brunch
2-then CONTINUE there after somewhere else.
3-I know I cant drink OJ, so dont drink it. No matter how delicious it is, or whether you mix it with something.
4-If I insist on going out the night before a race, I better know the consequences.
5-John got a lot of love.
Lets just say, that never happened again!

Blogging Hiaitus?? I can fill you in up to the NYC Half...

woops! its been a while! Havent told you folks any stories in a few months... probably should get on that!

Welp, I have been somewhat of a "social butterfly" as my Grandmother would call me. Been constantly on the go, spending and not saving; but enjoying life. Like in the words of my uncle, "nows the time to do it before your old like me. Enjoy it now." hahaha. I laugh everytime I hear that! Seriously, you can enjoy doing wild and crazy and fun spontaneous things anytime. Maybe the recovery time isnt as quick, but ehh... you only live once right?? right!! So, where do I begin? Ohhh I donno... cold morning runs in Central Park? Nahh those are boring. All I ever wanted to do was turn around and go home... this winter was waaaaay tooo long. Couldnt bring myself to train for the Jersey Marathon. Every ounce of interest I had in running went right out the window every time I stepped foot onto the pavement and trotted up the road.. the idea of running in the winter, not for me! (Mental Note for next year!)

I did, however run the NYC Half Marathon! And to my pleasant surprise, it was a perfect day for running. March 21st - 58degrees. Perfect Perfect Perfect running weather. Have to say, was a little skeptical about the race. It was my first "important" race that I hadn't slept in my own bed for starters... (Jac had "Texas" here :-) ) 2nd I got "unexpected" phone calls at 5:30 in the morning.... (not really unexpected, more like typical) and 3rd had a lot of pent up anger that could have gone either way... (some disappointments, annoyances, you name it, it occurred prior to the race.) Sooo to my pleasant surprise, half way through the 1st loop of the park, I realized why would I drag my sorry ass all the way up here if I werent going to give it my all??? I took that negative energy and pushed through it. On my way out of the park, to my pleasant surprise I hear this absurd yell, "GOOO ALICIIAAAAAAAAAA!!!" in this deep voice that could only be one person.. Bernie. He happened to see me running out of the park as he was waiting to cheer his GF on. Thanks Bern! you gave me a good reason to laugh!

The NYC Half Marathon seriously is my favorite race. The course is awesome! I know I talked about it last year, but honestly, when do you get the chance to run through the heart of Times Square, down 42nd St and down the West Side Highway??? Never! Love, love, love! Full speed ahead, down through the finish line all I could think about is a PR (Personal Record). Sure enough... 1:44:24. What now Betches. New PR. by 7 min.

1463 calories burned later (yes according to my Garmin I did actually burn that many calories) time to eat, drink and be merry! Sunday Funday at its finest! Oh and the first day of Spring, yay! The weather was gorgeous, gathered with fellow runners and some good friends I havent seen in a while and enjoyed the fact I could eat and drink whatever I wanted. Gotta love running!! All-in-all this was the motivation I needed to want to get back out on the road... weather permitting, hahaaa

Gosh! I really do have so much to write about! If I told you it all now, then I would have nothing... so stay tuned..

a little preview to come---

A Boozey Brunch and the punishment of running...

Giant Traffic cones.....

talk soon!