Thursday, February 11, 2010

On the road again

Welp, its official. I moved to the Upper East Side. I finally hit the pavement again twice in a week! Felt great! Loving my new neighborhood, let alone my new apt and my new fish Moby!

Now, I have to learn the running etiquitte of the UES neighborhood. Who runs on the East River? Who runs in the Park? When do people go? Do they go in pacts or by themselves? I have lots of questions, so I apologize in advance for harrassing people and asking a million questions to my fellow UES neighbors...

Next mission... hating that I dont have a marathon in the near future that I am training for. Yeah I mentioned that I changed my plan and am going to run the Grand Prix in each of the boro's but I still have this mission to qualify for Boston. I know I can do it, but New York isnt until November, and to procrastinate the training until July isnt what I want to do... I need a goal!!!

So - This is where you come into play... I need your opinion. I found a marathon here on the East Coast. Actually in the town of my Alma Mater. Should I do the New Jersey Marathon on May 2nd?? Its at the Shore, in Long Branch, NJ footsteps away from Monmouth University. I havent visited the school, let alone Monmouth County or the Shore in years. What better way to re-visit the place I loved so much, right?? So, SHOULD I DO IT??!!!

Here's the catch.. If I train for this Marathon, I will be training alone, unless I can recruit some people to do it with me... ANY TAKERS???? ** Check out the site! Its close and its on the Beach!!**

feedback is wanted...

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It's been a while... Do you miss me?

okay, okay, I know... I have taken a blogging hiaitus. I know its no excuse, but work has been so busy, and the last thing I think about at night is sitting down at my computer, yet again.

So where do I begin?

Well, I have slowly brought my self back into the running circuit. Since the New Year, I have not really ran as much as I would have hoped. Ive had this foot issue that only a little R & R and a new pair of sneakers can cure. So, according to the PT, I have high arches and they werent properly supported. At first, my self-diagnosis (aka WebMD research) I thought I had a stress fracture. At one point, I couldnt even walk barefooted because the pain was so bad... thank goodness I dont take WebMD too seriously. So, after 2 weeks of nursing my foot, I got some arch supports, laced up my shoes and ran the Manhattan Half marathon. And guess what??!! I got a personal best!

Since I dont have any marathon plans this spring, I decided to go an alternate route. I set a goal to complete all 5 Grand Prix races. Thats a Half Marathon in each of the 5 Boros. 1-down, 4-to go! Manhattan is by far the hardest! First of all the race is in Central Park in January.. ouch.. and brrr!!! doing 2 complete loops of the park means Harlem Hill (I curse you Harlem!) twice and Cats hill twice. Killer duuude! The park isnt as flat as you think... its a lot of rolling hills and then those 2 big hills. If you can do 2 loops of the park, you can run anywhere. So on the frigid morning of the 24th, I woke up slightly hung over and tired and conquered the park in record time! 1:51:40 thats almost 3 minutes faster than the half I did this past summer. Maybe I should go to brunch and have several hours of drinking Mimosas more often... OHHH Just kidding! Never making that mistake again. But of course, it surely didnt stop me or anyone else who ran from partaking in Football festivities and a few games of "Dirty Sanchez" (and yes, the game is as bad as it sounds! TEQUILA!!)

Post Half, the knee and foot began throbbing again... instead of being stupid and running through the pain, I took it upon myself to actually fix the issue. Hold off on the running, start spinning, stretching and foam rolling more. The next goal I have is to break 1:50 in the NYC Half Marathon so I dont want to be stupid about my addiction to running.

On another note, Jackie and I moved last weekend! Guess where? Closer to the park, none the less!! Ohh so excited! Not only are we closer to the park, but we are so much closer to all the great people we met training with TFK! No more half hr subway rides to and from a run, no more cutting the social life in half because of a miserable commute back downtown! Our apartment is so flipping cute! I cant even begin to tell you how much happier we both are to be Uptown and away from the roommate we did not get along with... Now... we just need cable and internet... haaa! who knew the Cable guy needs access to the roof to give us cable??? Seriously... never heard of a such thing.

Now that the full NYRR calendar is up, keep posted to the upcoming events!!