Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wait, how many days???

So summer's here and gone... Fall is definitely upon us! What does that mean??? Fall running apparel!!! Cute jackets, arm warmers, spandex come out of hibernation, hats... the stuff that makes running a fashion statement.

As much as I am a sun bunny/beach bum, I am loving this time of year. Fall in the City is absolutely spectacular! To describe the fall here, its too hard to just write about. You have to experience it. The weather is perfect, the people all have smiles on their faces, the street fairs, the sales, and aaahhh duuh... FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK! and of course its MLB Playoff season and the Yankess made it to the post season, AGAIN! Gotta love the dynasty!

Not only is the fall good for all the reasons above, but the Marathon is in sight. 32 days away from today! Soo exciting! Asics is one of the largest sponsors for the ING NYC Marathon. Every year they set out this huge campaign and this year's might top lasts. Check out the Asics marathon website, http://www.asicsmarathon.com/en/index.html and check out the Internet Marathon. It 'runs' you through the journey of the 26.2 (42.195 Kilometer) journey we will embark on November 7th. The pain, the joy, the exhaustion, the thrill... its all there!

If that isnt enough, Asics also put up an iteractive map of the course. Take a peek, I did! it has totally vamped up my excitement. Its a lot of ground we cover.. woah! http://www.asicsamerica.com/nycm/map.htm

So... since race day is so close and Fall is upon us, its time to think about the 'Race Day' apparel. 2 million spectators all eyes on you, another 315 million watching on tv.. hmm... gotta look your best because you just never know who your going to run into, he he he :) Man oh Man can you tell my priorities are straight?

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