Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Clumsyness at its finest...

Ummm... I know I am a blonde and pretty much define what a blonde is, but seriously? I need to get it together!

Typical me once again have an Alicia moment. I was being super lazy one morning and didnt feel like looking for parking before work, so I drove down and parked in the garage by work. I put my claim ticket in my bag and went about my typical ground hog way of a day and walked out about 5:15. I hopped into the elevator by myself finally relaxing from a busy busy day when the elevator stops at the 4th floor and 2 very attractive guys hop on... that caught my attention! Hot damn! ha!

Like a gentlemen, they let me off the elevator first and we walk out of the building and across the street at the same time. Looking for my claim ticket, not paying attention I walk full force head on into a pole!!! hahahhaaaa (Cracking up at myself thinking about it!)
Those 2 guys I told you about? yeah, well they were walking right in front of me and witnessed the whole thing! I mean, I walked square into this parking pole so hard it rattled and I thought I knocked my tooth out. The guys turned around and asked, "are you alright?" and all I could do was laugh and say yes. To make the moment more embarrasing, one of them turns to me and says, "Well we know you work at Credit Suisse." and they both start laughing and walk away... who does that!?

This was probably the 2nd most embarrasing moment of my life... second to the Infamous "TREADMILL" story. I had a bruise on my forehead for a week. Honestly, I am amazed how I function in society sometimes... Like my Bff always says, "Lee you got the brains but when it comes to common sense, you got none!" ohh maaan I am definitely my own comedian.

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